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It will be a sample under supervision. Some actual products may differ.
Size: Height approx 22 cm
Weight: 381

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★★★★☆ Good expression
Post date : 30/03/2019
Google Translation Translated by Google
Good expression
The quality as a whole is neither good nor bad, but I think that the expression reproduces the image of the original picture well

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★★★★☆ Oh, did you come like this?
Post date : 15/07/2018
Google Translation Translated by Google
Oh, did you come like this?
The height of the pedestal is about 230mm up to the top of the hair that has popped out. Is it 1/8 because it is smaller than 1/7 in terms of scale (face is small)? The protruding parts of the wrinkles on the left and right sleeves appear to be lightly dirty, so I tried wiping them, but they did not fall off. It seems that the paint on the protruding part is thin, and it looks as if the base is transparent or lightly dirty. I thought there was a way to get dirty like this. Others are Good!

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
台座込みの高さが、飛び出た髪の毛の天辺までで230mm位、スケール的に言うと1/7よりは小さいので1/8位でしょうか(顔が小さいです)。 左右の袖のシワの出っ張り部分が、薄汚れて見えるので拭いてみましたが落ちません。 出っ張り部分の塗装が薄くなっているようで、下地が透けているのか薄汚れて見えます。 こういう感じの汚れ方もあるんだなぁと思いました。 その他はGoodです!

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Discovery Japan Mall is a general mall that specializes in Japanese brand products. At the initial opening, the catalog is mainly toys, fishing gear, cosmetics, food, watches, and fashion, Approximately 100 Japanese companies have opened stores with Discovery Japan Mall, and about 15,000 Japanese brand goods can be purchased. Shipping is available to more than 120 countries and regions and as part of the opening campaign, international shipping is free on orders over JPY 20,000 Yen until the end of October. In addition to credit cards, the mall supports payment by PayPal, UnionPay - AliPay, and WeChat, and the website can be displayed in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, and Thai. Purchases can be made easily using a smart phone, and because all orders include tracking and shipping insurance, delivery from Japan is safe and reliable, so you can purchase with confidence from the website. In addition, there are plans to sell iPad and MacBook case handmade from material representative of the Nishijin-ori used to make Japanese kimonos. There are future plans to lease by unique makers of handmade goods, in particular with the advanced embroidery technology used in Japan to make goods from kimonos, whose characteristic is "wafu" design that conjours up images of Japan. .

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